when one has an extremely loose bowel movement it sprays out like a super soaker
cor look at fash on the beach! he's been caught short and had nowhere to go in a hurry so he's just fired a super soaker all over the beach
by davethejag November 07, 2008
When a porn star has an orgasm and squirts so hard it looks like it's coming out of a super soaker
Jenna Haze was being fucked and suddleny BAM super soaker all over the camera man
by Jay_theman September 03, 2007
A really big wet dream. Not just big either...super big. The type of thing you brag about to everyone you know.
Jimmy: "Hey mom, guess what! I had a super soaker last night, I woke up with a giant cum-beard and my belly was wet. I can't wait to tell everyone!"
by Urban Dictionary May 23, 2005
Can be anything that is soooo cool it soaks the panties of every girl that sees it
"hey Tommy, did you get a new car?" "yeah, its a corolla" "alright man, total super soaker!"
by EthanPoo April 30, 2010
an extremely loose bowel movement in that the said movement comes out like a brown jet of water in the style of a "super soaker"
me and fash were digging for worms when he got caught short on the beach, with nowhere to run he fired a super soaker that covered the beach in his runny shat
by davethejag November 16, 2008
When a girl has a really wett pussy. It be so wet that when you touch her pussy ya fingers slip and slide.
Ever dude that i talk to says that i have a super soaker.
by Keezyboo August 25, 2007
A big-ass gun
You better shut your mouth before I shoot you with my supersoaker.
by Mike July 20, 2003

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