used to shorten the term what is up
hey james! sup?!?!?!
by hey hey imma biga February 22, 2008
a nother word for wats up
yo bob s'up?
by sarah g March 31, 2003
The correctly spelled contraction for what's up.
Hmm...I don't know what to say 'sup yo!
by Celestasia May 09, 2005
"What's up?", as in "how are you" or "what's on your mind?"
The pound against the dollar? The euro against the yen?
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 21, 2004
A different way of saying "whats up?"
dude: hey!
chick: heyy
dude: sups?
chick: just chilling, you?
by katquitlollygagging July 10, 2008
short for "what's up"
's up, dawg?
by dejababy May 28, 2003
1. An abbreviation of "what's up?"

2. A surefire way of killing a conversation before it's even begun.
Bill: Hey.
Ted: Hey.
Bill: Sup?
Ted: Nm, u?
Bill: Nm.

*close conversation window after 30 mins of inactivity*
by Noiree February 26, 2010
What one would say in one's company in the morning of a glorious sunny day in Buckinghamshire, England.
Sup Jeeves, how are you feeling this fine morning? After I butter your scone would you like me to fetch your 'Fox Hunting monthly' magazine and open it to the 'letters' page?
by Muckle Flugga October 08, 2006

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