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slang for "free", referring to someone who is easily beaten at something, usually pertaining to a fighting game, such as Street Fighter or Marvel vs. Capcom. Frequently used at fighting game competitions such as Wednesday Night Fights, or larger tournaments such as Evolution.
Interviewer: So explain what happened in your last match.

Winner: My opponent played a well thought out methodical match and I was lucky to beat him. WHO AM I KIDDING. THAT GUY WAS FREE... FRAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.
by FreetosLay August 20, 2011
used to describe a fat or plump female individual.can also be used in conjunction with the word 'bentos'
she was a bit fray; she has the potential to fray; she's a bit fray bentos.
by Mr. C January 21, 2004
a group of friends who do the same daring stuff
Today, the fray and I went to egg some random people
by ][][][] November 11, 2010
Fray is a word mostly used in fanfictions which describes romantic/sexual feelings and/or acts between two members of the band My Chemical Romance; Ray Toro and Frank Iero. As you can see, Fray is a combination of the names Frank and Ray.
Did you read that fray fanfiction about you and Frank, Ray?
by Dead!22 February 14, 2008
To defray, to bear or pay all or part of the cost of something.
My rent is too expensive, I need to do something to 'fray it.
by Debbie Voise October 20, 2008
Based in Bonnie old Cumbria, basically used to replace the word 'from'
Tell us where ya fray? - Translated - Tell me where your from?
by Don Grizzle April 07, 2005
-A female heroine character from Dark Horse Comics, created by Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon.

-Melaka Fray is the latest slayer right after Buffy, although her story is that she's the first slayer called after Buffy had died and the story takes place 200 years into the future.

-Fray's main weapon is the mystical scythe that we saw Buffy use in the series finale to kill that crazy priest villain Caleb.
Ex: Fray is a brunette slayer while Buffy was a blonde slayer.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 13, 2005
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