LSD, also sometimes refers to LSA, a similar chemical found in the seeds of Heavenly Blue Morning Glory and Hawiian Baby Woodrose.
"Yo man you know where I can find some sunshine?"
"Naw man, trust me if I knew I'd be trippin' right now."
by Cam K May 08, 2006
Sunshine is a slang word for Mephedrone, a drug that nobody knows much about and has been kept on the down low pretty well.
Its popping up everywhere, is very addictive, and the name Sunshine describes the feeling perfectly.
It's effects last between an hour to 3 hours or so depending on the potency and how much is taken. I'd compare the feeling to the body high of MDMA and the mental high of coke.
It causes jaw clenching and teeth grinding just like MDMA. Contrary to popular beliefs, the chemical in its pure form is not cut with coke or MDMA.
Don't buy a gram of this shit and expect it to last you longer than a night, and dont' expect not to blow money on it the next day, and the next.
I've seen what being addicted to this shit does to people, people don't think its addictive because there's barely any research on it. The first time you do it, after its over all you want is more. If a dealer gives you some for free, you will buy it afterwards, no question, unless you're very strong willed.
it's typically snorted, i've never heard of anyone swallowing it or smoking it or any other way.
This shit's too good, it's bad news.
Dan: Man, i'm shining so hard right now.
Me: That sunshine shit is addictive, be careful.
Dan: No its not, I don't need it. *Snorts the rest of his gram and proceeds to buy more*
by Igotsunshine000 September 12, 2010
A name given to a woman's vagina, who's abilities and appearance far exceed those of others. Her skills earn her a moniker worthy of greatness...i.e. Sunshine!
"I have a girl who's pussy is so good, if you threw her in the air, her pussy would turn into sunshine!"
by nstraws October 30, 2012
1.Sunshine: A name a mother names her child, meaning may the Shine of the Son of God shine out of her. Referring to Jesus.

2. A beautiful person who shines out from her surroundings.

3. A Person who is kind and happy and has a glow about them that resembles the rays of the sun.
1.Your daughter Sunshine is a joy to be around, you are truly blessed.
2.When my daughter Sunshine grows up she wants to be a worldwide evangelists to spread the word about God and his son Jesus across the world.
3. Sunshine is a bright, intelligent girl.
by Smiling1 March 09, 2012
Sunshine may refer to both the literal and abstract.

1. Sunshine is a term referring to the photons (particles of light) that are emitted from the Earths sun. Noun

2. Sunshine may refer to a mood that is cheerful, happy, light hearted. Adjective

3. Sunshine may be used a nickname for a person substance or object that is viewed as positive. Adjective

4. Sunshine a given name to a person or animal.

5. A very sad pathetic person who is never happy due to the constant tragedy befalling them and rejection from the society they live in, yet their given name is Sunshine. Cruel Ironic usage.
QQ: "Don't you think it's ironic that you are always sad and your name is Sunshine?"
MA: "No, I'm a human being like anyone else, and I have lived through many tragedies, but i'm still fighting to be happy. My name was not one that I picked, nor were the tragect evens which make me unhappy some of the time. You are a true asshole for saying something like that to my face."
QQ: *speachless and unhappy that they could not crush another person's spirt walks away upset that he could wound another person emotionally.
MA "I should start calling him Sunshine."
by ab12cd34ef56g7 May 20, 2013
The process of lighting a woman's pubic hair on fire.
Girlfriend: What do you want to do?
Boyfriend: Feel your sunshine.
by Crixalis the Sand King December 07, 2014
More commonly known as "Justin Taylor" Sunshine is the name(given to him by Debbie Novotney) of the adorable blonde twink that falls in love with Brian Kinney in the TV show Queer as Folk.
He must have knocked up Sunshine.
by thatrainbowfish June 27, 2011
a strong single female who demands respect.
never lowers herself, and always dreams big.
known for the chase. chased for a reason.
i.e. Stikki Baby. A first lady.

It doesnt take a day to reconize sunshine.
by StikkiB May 16, 2007
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