n. Funny friendly nut who is obsessed with FOOD!

adj. to be athletic. to be lazy. to be cute. To be lazy in a cute and athletic way.

v. to eat constantly.
1)OH MAN! The fridge is empty. The sumbul must have been here!!

2)Oh that sumbuly baby is so cute when she takes a shot! YET so lazy! She's such a sumbul!

3)Hey RUFUS, youre so fat! Stop sumbuling. It's not good for your health!
by Stud Muffin August 06, 2004
Top Definition
defined as 'delicate' in arabic. someone who is unique and special.
.......... can't think of one...
by urbandictionry January 29, 2005
AKA sumbullshit... and obviously someone amazingly amazing...
who's out there?
no one it's just sumbullshit!
by Ms. Khan January 29, 2005
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