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In Urdu, Zeeshan means very respectful person.
Zeeshan Khan
A Muslim male name
by Rehan June 03, 2005
The name of an amazing person who is truly loyal and great to everyone he knows. He is typically the life of the party and makes any situation better. His smile can brighten up any room any day. If you know a Zeeshan, consider yourself lucky!!
Guy: I'm feeling depressed today.
Girl: You should talk to Zeeshan, he'll make you feel better
by slim313 October 31, 2011
Zeeshan is a male name, usually used in south Asian and middle eastern countries.
Zee means owner and Shan means glory, hence Zeeshan means a person with some glory.
Zeeshan is a cool name.
by zee2603 July 11, 2010
A sexy beast commonly known as "The beast from the middle east." He is usually from Pakistan but still a tall guy. This guy is the definition of swagger. Also he usually has a large penis that is perfect for any woman. He gets girls without even trying.
Guy 1) Did you see that guy pick up Megan Fox and Jessica Alba at the same time?
Guy 2) Yea that was Zeeshan
by zhamhammer November 21, 2011
An abysmal creation who was accidently put on this Earth to make dead jokes, he may be more commonly known as a dog.
"Have you seen Zeeshan today?"
"Oh, you mean the dog? Yeah, I saw him at the pound."
by Ishaq Sardar January 16, 2014
An individual named Zeeshan whose lack of a haircut results in his uncanny resemblance to former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich
Person 1: cut your hair dude, that poof especially

Person 2: Nah dude it's fresh

Person 1: No, you look like zeeshan
by uncleslams June 27, 2011

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