A woman sent from hell to suck the life out of men.
That girl is a suckubus.
by NinjaStatus March 17, 2010
Top Definition
A woman who attracts a man and really a seven headed beast who under a skin of a woman is nasty devil she bitch that she is. The only way to kill these fucking she devils is to play the song backwards that they allways sing
Man the person who took Brian away is a she loving suckubus
by Joe January 13, 2004
a devilish person who rises up from hell and sucks the life out of your friends
My friend's girlfriend is a total suckubus and now he's a lame piece of shit.
by Trampy Tina October 24, 2006
a woman who comes out of nowhere and takes your friends soul.
Hey how about we go do whatever the fuck Nikki wants to do?? She is such a suckubus!
by arackanafobia March 13, 2009
A felatious woman that is like a whore but in the same way as she sucks on the male organ but for no money just for popularity.
That girl is a suckubus,she been with more guys than pamala.

jill is a sickubus she loves to go down.
by holiday 420 November 19, 2008
A person who sucks the fun out of any activities; typically a child with parents who naively bring them along on vacation.
We drove for hours to DisneyLand but our son had to be a complete suckubus and whine and cry the whole time we were there.
by H's mom March 22, 2008
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