This phrase is used against a person that currently sucks. This phrase could also be used when something bad happens to a person. During the victims misfortune, you simply say "Sucks to be you, ya sucker!"
Hey, i just ran over your cat. Sucks to be you!
by J-Rockin Ryan June 15, 2004
An informal phrase to express general superiority to another individual's lesser situation; A way to acknowledge another's troubles.
"Joe got grounded for getting caught in the act, I replied "Sucks to be you, dude." "
by JOOLY June 14, 2004
Said to someone who just had something unfortunate happen to them.
Hah! You got hit in the face with a beaver? Sucks to be you!
by ShuChoMouff June 14, 2004
HA HA my life is so much better than yours right now, im so glad that you have to live through being you HAHAHAHAHAHA
"I have a science test and math test to study for, plus a 700 word essay on the orgin of the word the"

"HAHA sucks to b u"
by Lizard June 14, 2004
An jibe that unoriginal people with no personal vocabularly like to tell people. Stupid.
Hey, <insert name>! Sucks to be you!`
by Gravyboy June 13, 2004
A phrase. It's typically used by a person with few or no problems against someone who has told a woeful story about a major problem or terrible event that has recently occured to them that will not be put behind them anytime soon.
Mike: "My life is in the shitter... My wife left me, my dog was hit by a car and killed, I've lost my job, I found out I have cancer, and I need another beer!"

John: "Damn Mike! Sucks to be you!"
by Chickens Wife June 13, 2004
The ultimate expression of empathy.
"Sucks to be you" is actually the most honest, heartfelt expression one can say that truly shows one's appreciation of what it must be like being in somebody else's shoes.
by pristina October 16, 2010
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