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Also stated in the abbreviated form, STBY, this means your life or recent experience(s) are scraping the bottom of the barrel and no one would willingly trade lives with you.
The test results from the STD clinic said WHAT? Man...sucks to be you.
by enigma June 15, 2004
3 3
phrase used to humorously mention someone's misfortune. comonly used with the word snap.
(someone gets his arm accidentally chopped off)
Snap! Sucks to be you!
by sir PEACH June 15, 2004
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This phrase is used against a person that currently sucks. This phrase could also be used when something bad happens to a person. During the victims misfortune, you simply say "Sucks to be you, ya sucker!"
Hey, i just ran over your cat. Sucks to be you!
by J-Rockin Ryan June 15, 2004
4 4
An informal phrase to express general superiority to another individual's lesser situation; A way to acknowledge another's troubles.
"Joe got grounded for getting caught in the act, I replied "Sucks to be you, dude." "
by JOOLY June 14, 2004
4 4
Said to someone who just had something unfortunate happen to them.
Hah! You got hit in the face with a beaver? Sucks to be you!
by ShuChoMouff June 14, 2004
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HA HA my life is so much better than yours right now, im so glad that you have to live through being you HAHAHAHAHAHA
"I have a science test and math test to study for, plus a 700 word essay on the orgin of the word the"

"HAHA sucks to b u"
by Lizard June 14, 2004
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An jibe that unoriginal people with no personal vocabularly like to tell people. Stupid.
Hey, <insert name>! Sucks to be you!`
by Gravyboy June 13, 2004
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