The ultimate expression of empathy.
"Sucks to be you" is actually the most honest, heartfelt expression one can say that truly shows one's appreciation of what it must be like being in somebody else's shoes.
by pristina October 16, 2010
Often used in meaning you have created the situation yourself and you should suffer for it for your own stupidity. Conservatives love to use it and imply it's a lack of 'personal responsibility' for the person under going the hardship or bad situation. It can also tie into darwinism and the idea it's survival of the most fit or having the most prepared minds.
A guy tells a woman online that he got divorced and now has to pay child support. She says, it's your own fault for not getting to know her better and it sucks to be you!
by hongestguy87110 August 02, 2009
Self-explanatory. The more insulting way of letting someone know that you don't really give a shit about their problem.
"Hey, Sandra, I don't have a ride to the party..hint hint."
"Hey, Alicia, it looks like it sucks to be you"
by Allie June 18, 2004
thank god I'm not you! I mean, I sympathize and everything...but damn, I would hate to be in your place.
"I got pulled over last night for going 55 in a 50."
"Man, sucks to be you."
by mewanteefirthee June 18, 2004
Something you say to someone when something happens to them (or they are in a situation) that you do not envy and would not want to have happen to you (or would not want to be in a similar situation.)
First Student: I wish I hadn't taken 7 courses this term... I have so much homework I won't be able to make it to the party this weekend.
Second Student: Sucks to be you! I only took 4 bird courses this term. I am home free for the weekend and I will be front and centre at the party.
by PlaceHolder June 16, 2004
A figure of speach used to inform somebody that they are in an unsatisfactory position.
person 1: "I can't go to the bar tonight, I have no money"

person 2: "Man.. sucks to be you"
by Sarah June 16, 2004
something u say when a person u dont really like has something shitty happen. inside u wanna just be like HAAAAA but u say this instead to seem sort of civilized... but inside ur really like YA BITCH YA IN UR FACE and ur high fiven urself and stuff.
that girl in school that thinks she's hot shit just got pregnant/an STD/arrested for crack
HAAAA sucks to be u.
by deenie June 16, 2004

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