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A phrase. It's typically used by a person with few or no problems against someone who has told a woeful story about a major problem or terrible event that has recently occured to them that will not be put behind them anytime soon.
Mike: "My life is in the shitter... My wife left me, my dog was hit by a car and killed, I've lost my job, I found out I have cancer, and I need another beer!"

John: "Damn Mike! Sucks to be you!"
by Chickens Wife June 13, 2004
when something bad happened to another person, it sucks to be that person
You daddy is in jail for getting you pregnant. sucks to be you.
by byrd June 14, 2004
A phrase which expresses mild sympathy for the plight of another, while implying greater relief that those circumstances have befallen someone other than the speaker.

The phrase is the American translation of the German 'schadenfreude', which denotes actual pleasure in the suffering of another.
Wow, dude, she gave you herpes? Sucks to be you...
by MikeyT June 18, 2004
Phrase used to express an indifferent sympathy.
"My car exploded when I was buying a donut!"
"Sucks to be you."
by sitesurfer June 13, 2004
Basically this phrase means "I wouldn't want to be in your shoes". Or "your life sucks". It is often used sarcastically, but just as often not.
After Robert was shot in the ass with a nine, everyone said to him "it sucks to be you"
by Conor June 15, 2004
An expression of acknowledgement of hardship. Depending on context, can be sympathetic or taunting.
You: My car broke down, and I have to get to the other side of the state tonight!
Me: Damn, dude. Sucks to be you.

Her: I totally blew my interview, and now you're going to get the job for sure.
Him: Ha ha! Sucks to be you!
by Nacho Dan June 15, 2004
When someone says something bad that happened, is happening, or is going to happen.
"Your girlfriend's fucking your brother? Sucks to be you."
by Th'Squeekah June 13, 2004
Often used in meaning you have created the situation yourself and you should suffer for it for your own stupidity. Conservatives love to use it and imply it's a lack of 'personal responsibility' for the person under going the hardship or bad situation. It can also tie into darwinism and the idea it's survival of the most fit or having the most prepared minds.
A guy tells a woman online that he got divorced and now has to pay child support. She says, it's your own fault for not getting to know her better and it sucks to be you!
by hongestguy87110 August 02, 2009