the act of snuggling and sucking dick (for females) or tits (for male)
She was on her period, so instead of sex, we suckled
by duder mccadams October 06, 2010
Top Definition
To wrap one's lips around an object / body organ and lightly breathe in.
Matthew Tang: Some guy was so turned on during a Nikki Webster concert that he unzipped his fly and lightly suckled his mushroom cap!
by Banri Tanaka August 20, 2003
to suck softly
johnny suckles my foot
by Train Station Dweller July 26, 2003
A really small, uncomfortable chuckle that you do when you're watching a movie and it's been fine the whole time until your parents walk in and a random sex scene comes on.
Mum: Hey honey, what are you watching?

*sex scene comes on*
Me: *suckles*
by kikum November 26, 2015
the act of sucking something constantly without letting go.
I washed my butt good will you suckle on my skin tube.
by Timothy August 03, 2004
to be horrible or horrendous at something. comes from sucking and to suck.
eg. you see him play? he's fucking suckles.

eg2. good job suckles, you really blew that one.
by K Thedon June 11, 2007
taking more than a sip but less than a gulp when asking for some of your friend's drink
"dude give me a suckle of your monster"
by barisaxlegend April 30, 2008
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