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To torture someone; to wipe the ass with U.N. laws, such as the Geneva Conventions.
Those people got rumsfeld even when they may not have been guilty
by Zam May 30, 2004
Used to refer to the magnitude in which something sucks.
I am unceasingly amazed at the suckitude of many new bands.
by Zam October 06, 2003
Food of choice for FOBs and ABCDs alike. Spicy potatoe wrapped in spicy outer laying. Usually an appetizer.
Rajiv: Oh Parvinder yar, the samosas are boiling it up in here! FOBULOUS!

Parvinder: Thats right! Increase the volume please!
by Zam January 18, 2004
1. The developer of the file sharing method known as Bit torrent.
2. The person who is attributed as the cause of everything that does not work or fails to function.
1. Damn bit torrent is hot! Props to my man bram cohen!
2. The f***ing movie is stuck at 99.99% and my cheese toaster doesn't work, its that bastard bram cohen again!
by Zam March 28, 2004
when som calls in to Tech Support and they are doing everything Wrong
the problem is not with the hardware or teh computer the peson is just an idiot
man this cat on the fone has an ID10T error
by zam April 05, 2005
Very good comedyplaza production on humor.org.uk, also the name of the wannabee stunt crew of harrytown, who stole the concept. can be used as a stregnthener.
"Ill take 2 stunt crews in my tea"
"How are you stunt-criddley crewin'?"
by Zam February 28, 2003
thsi word simply refers to pornography. Used in personal FTPs as the name of the folder containing pornography. The word can also be altered so that an "Orphanarium" is the folder for porn and the "Orphans" are the porn files.
Dude you love your Orphans!
Look at the size of that Orphanarium!
Do you have nothing better to do than collect Orphans!
Is your Orphanarium an all girls one, or boys and girls?
This is the best Orphan i have seen in a while.
by Zam November 30, 2004
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