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To breathe heavily through your mouth to the point where you almost start creating wind with your sucking/blowing of air. Usually happens while performing some activity, and because you're out of shape.
I hadn't been jogging in years so I was sucking wind after going two blocks.
by JA June 27, 2004
The action of putting glass to mouth and twisting your wrist until you receive carpal tunnel. If one was to suck wind without acheiving a feeling of carpal tunnel in there wrist, one is not twirling with enough enthusiasm and determination.
Im sucking wind so hard right now with Scotty Pippin and the lads.
#s-w-ee-t p-u-ff #sweet puffing #cp #crack #addicted #smack #whippa #jessica shippa
by Pippa Middleton July 29, 2011
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