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Redneck term for showing off, usually in a car or on a bike.
Bubba: "Hey Susie, watch this!"

Susie's Friend: "Don't pay attention to Bubba, he's just hot doggin. He's gonna bust his ass if he don't quit showin off on that bike."
by psygirl September 08, 2004
1. To breathe hard after exertion or to be unable to catch your breath after an activity.

2. To lose any chance of winning after a certain point.
1. While mountain biking for example: Man, I'm suckin wind after climbing that hill.

2. A: How do you think you'll do in that 5 mile race? B: Crappy - after 3 miles, I'm useless, I just suck wind.
by psygirl November 16, 2004
misspelling of "Bollywood", the Hollywood of India.
Hey, I just heard on Planet Bollywood that Mahesh Bhatt Plans To Make a Film On The Telgi Scam!
by psygirl September 02, 2004
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