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In business when someone smiles and shakes your hand assuring you that they have heard and will act upon your recommendation or concerns when in truth you have already been ignored and dismissed.
Manager Bob: "Our associates will not repond positively to further cuts in their benefits. I strongly recommend against it."

Executive Dick: (Smiling, shaking Bob's hand and massaging his shoulder)"Thanks Bob, we'll take that under advisement. You know our employees are our most important asset."

Dick then processes Bob's pink slip and cuts non-management benefits by 30%.
by Krace September 14, 2004
In business, to perform very poorly.
The company's revenues are off 20%, profits are down 25%. They are really sucking wind.
by Krace November 16, 2004
to drag your lazy ass someplace you don't want to go or shouldn't have to go or is a pain in the ass to go to.
I shlept all the way downtown to see you and you weren't there.
by krace July 23, 2004

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