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The girl's name Rhiana is a variant of Rhiannon (Welsh), and the meaning of Rhiana is "great queen, or goddess".
Rhiana is an uncommon first name for women.

If you ever meet someone named Rhiana, PLEASE do not say anything about the singer, Rihanna.
Person 1: Hi! I'm Dylan! What's your name?
Person 2: My name is Rhiana! Nice to meet you!
by The Color Fiend January 31, 2010
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Very cute, really nice to everyone, always seems to make people smile at the worst of times, is really hot, but will never admit it. She never gives up, and is really funny. She is treated harsh by others, but will always worry about other people before herself. SHE IS FRICKIN AMAZING! AND BEAUITFUL AS !
My girlfriend. Rhiana (;
by Justin (: August 22, 2011
Name of females who enjoy hurting men and stealing thier nuts to place them in jars on her sleves. Also enjoys forcing men to want to kill themselves.
Damn, that Rhiana girl is such a bitch!
by G-I-Wonder September 26, 2004

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