1) A grey area somewhere between failure and success that people who suck strive for.

2) A feeling of satisfaction after the completion of a blowjob.

3) Someone who has become suckcessful by administering blowjobs in generous quantities.

4) Succeeding at failing, usually humourously.
"Overall, Tom's life had been a suckcess upto this point, but it was about to become not bad."

"Jenni was carving out a niche in the corporate world as a suckcessful office assistant to the CEO."
by Red Scourge October 30, 2009
Top Definition
When something that really sucks becomes successful.
"Nickelback has achieved incredible worldwide suckcess"

"'Lips of an Angel' by Hinder is an extremely suckcessful song"
by sexualburgerking June 06, 2007
Receiving praise for a mediocre job on some sort of assignment for school or work.
"You got a 95 on the art project?! You drew it with a hangover in crayon on notebook paper the morning before it was due!"

"Yeah man, it was a total suckcess."
by Spider-Man1224 March 22, 2009
When you try to fail, but instead succeed.
Guy 1: "Bro, I tried to convince this girl that she has to respect her body, but she thanked me and gave me some head instead."

Guy 2: "Shit dude, great suckcess."
by Trinity, the Duelist August 12, 2015
1.) The result of having mastered the art of procrastination....aka Putting yourself through the depths of hell because you procrastinated and coming out VICTORIOUSLY!

2. George Patton says "Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom."...SUCKCESS is how high you were before you bounced back"

3.) Making an Urbandictionary post instead of studying for the test you have in 3 hours because you know you have what it takes to suckceed.

4.) Meeting the extended deadlines with a minute to spare and getting the minimum passing grade for a class...WHOOO!
My 4 days of sleep deprivation have resulted in a great suckcess.

Uppers can help you be suckcessful.

If you believe in yourself, you can suckceed
by USF_TinyDancer December 09, 2010
-a hugely satisfying accomplishment that merits a hugely satisfying blow job.
Roberto: Babe, I got promoted to head photocopier engineer today!

Esmeralda: Holy motherload! What a suckcess! Hmmm..I think you deserve a trip to heaven tonight. See you on the BJ Express!
by Jorgitooo February 17, 2010
1. A sarcastic deviation of the word "success".
2. Outright failure to amuse, entertain or otherwise impress.
3. To suck
Your feeble attempts at humor are a suckcess.
by who__cares May 16, 2009
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