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Primary, head, first in order of significance. Also, quintessential, pure.
As a consequence of routinely playing handball with his own turds, Randall was recognized as the chief bullgoose looney at the asylum.
by ubiq1 November 03, 2010
A female whose only meaningful function is performed on her back with her legs in the air. Or bent over the kitchen table. Or up against the wall. You get the idea.
Joe got engaged to Mary despite her position as the town's bullgoose sperm receptacle.
by Ubiq1 August 24, 2011
One who has a particular talent for coaxing that last bit off jizz up the tube.
After I gave the ho a sperm enema the little wadpump pulled up another load for her nightly facial.
by ubiq1 December 30, 2004
A portmanteau (c.f., An Annoted Alice) word combining motherfucker and honkey, i.e., "motherfucking honkey".
"Swallow my black dick, mofonkey beeyatch."
by ubiq1 December 30, 2004
One who seeks advancement by debasing him or herself.
Ima give some kneepads to that sucksess bitch who stole my promotion.
by ubiq1 December 30, 2004
A really nasty or unkempt female generative organ with spongy bits of white smelly shit.
I had to give da nonay on carpet munching to that mofonkey bitch with da cesspoon.
by ubiq1 December 30, 2004

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