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-verb: sleeping with a teacher or professor with the apparent intent of getting a better mark on a paper or exam. When student-initiated, often orchestrated with the same cunning characteristic of the Machiavellian German statesman Otto von Bismarck.
Kaz: How did Lucida do so well on her economics test?
Harmony: Oh, she fully bitchmarked Mr Jones.
Kaz: Makes sense. She's scheming like that.
Harmony: Ya, and hot.


Ms Tululia: Hey Armand, wanna bitchmark tonight? I'll give you 100 on your IB extended essay.
Armand: Um, you're 60 years old, woman, but ya, I'll bitchmark, I need the marks, bitch.
by Jorgitooo February 09, 2009
1. A male's embarrassing inability to expel semen during sexual intercourse, due to lack of true arousal, physiological shortcomings, or other causes.
2. The failure of a CD/DVD player or computer to eject its contents.
1. Enrique: How was the sex with Josefina last night man?
Quentin: Amazing. Until I couldn't cum. FUCKING ejectile dysfunction.
2. Anastasia: WHERE is my copy of 10 Things I Hate About You?
Isadora: It's in my laptop, sorry! It has ejectile dysfunction!
by Jorgitooo May 08, 2010
-a hugely satisfying accomplishment that merits a hugely satisfying blow job.
Roberto: Babe, I got promoted to head photocopier engineer today!

Esmeralda: Holy motherload! What a suckcess! Hmmm..I think you deserve a trip to heaven tonight. See you on the BJ Express!
by Jorgitooo February 17, 2010
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