a female in the state of loneliness and despair. to imitate a state of tragedy and/or delusion that you are happier with a trashy dildo.
Man: Say ho, how much for head?

Girl: For you, I sucka free!
by major_delmac April 28, 2005
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synonymous with san francisco. because san francisco is free from all ya' suckas. first popularized by Rappin' 4-Tay in the 1994 song "playaz club".
Keep it sucka free!!!
by aempirei December 20, 2004
Free of fools or foolishness.
That's the shit--sucka free!
by Smartacus August 31, 2004
Someone who gives no fuck.
Will never be a snitch .
Will never be a sucka.
"tells the truth even when they lie"-TM

A mid-west motto originating from the 319.
Sucka Free, Snitchs, Bitchs, Hoe ass nigga, bitch stealin yo money, home boy who fucked yo girl and/or sister/cousin. The boys flagging red and blue. The dick boys. That arab who aint give me my change at the liquor store, And d-boy fo shortin this shit
by SuckaFree319 November 08, 2011
An event, place, or thing (music, city, etc.) where there are no fake ass playas, wannabe G's, wannabe gangstas and no bitch ass bustas. Only true playas and playettes and those that keep it true to what they do. Hence the term "sucka free"
Yo, you ever watch sucka free sunday on MTV 2? Yeah, they got only the realest jamz playing, none of that wannabe hood shit, ya heard
by Devon S. April 28, 2005
u aint a sucka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
maaaan, dat niggas suckafree
by mo money$$ November 26, 2006
finally letting go of the person that causes you drama
staci: hey fran are you going to hang out with big b. tonight over at lisa's house

fran rolls her eyes: pffttt yeah right i'm sucka free!
by creative_girl April 30, 2005
someone who is boyfriend-less
girlfriend-less too??? help me out here...
by bobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb April 28, 2005

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