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the variation of "orc" from j.r.r. tolkiens lotr etc, used in the warhammer 40,000 world to blow some space marines up!
the outpost was overrun by greenskins
by barbarella June 08, 2004
A person who is constantly facing some sort of hardship or traumatic experience whether true, self-inflicted or completely false. Typically a person is a perpetual victim for the sake of evoking sympathy from others or being the constant center of attention. These hardships are usually extreme and can be (but are not limited to) life-threatening sicknesses, family sicknesses, deaths, natural disasters, financial loss, IRS auditing, relationship problems, etc.
We used to believe Vicki's problems were legitimate, then I started keeping track & realized if she really had all the medical problems she claims she does, then she would be dead by now. Now we all notice she has a different ailment every month & is looking for sympathy. Typical perpetual victim.
by Barbarella February 04, 2008
Male or female that is notorious for dating friend's exes or people that friends have previously dated. Usually this person attacks almost immediately after a break-up to waste no time and doesn't care what anyone thinks about his/her actions.
Friend 1: Mike and Laney just broke up... and Mike's friend Joe is already messaging her on Facebook, WTF?

Friend 1: Dude, Joe did the same thing with the last chick I hooked up with. He's got no shame, total ex-chaser.
by Barbarella June 10, 2010
The female version of cock blocking. To hinder ones female associate from getting any action whether accidential or intentional.
"I talked to the tool for a damn hour only to have clam slamming Rhianne go make out with him in the corner."

"I hate it when Cindy gets drunk.. she turns into such a clam slammer."
by Barbarella September 26, 2005
1) Being annoyed with those of asian decent for any reason.
2) Being a white female with a male, Japanese boss.
"How is your work day going?"
"Don't ask! I've got serious asian frustration!! Yoshi's punk ass is about to get thrown off the balcony!"
by Barbarella March 18, 2005
1) Finally kicking a POS boyfriend to the curb after a long and crappy relationship. Usually to the relief of all friends and family.
2) Single Status Female
"Hey girl, are you going out with your man tonight?"
"Hell no! I am sucka free!"

"Sucka free and happy as can be!!"
by Barbarella March 18, 2005
from the age of sexually deprived people who just loved their animals, involves shoving rather porr inocent furry rodents up ones backside to achieve sexual pleasure.
pass time of townies
wat fuck? shove little fluffy up me batty crease ya bastard!
by barbarella June 08, 2004

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