someone who is boyfriend-less
girlfriend-less too??? help me out here...
by bobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb April 28, 2005
a female in the state of loneliness and despair. to imitate a state of tragedy and/or delusion that you are happier with a trashy dildo.
Man: Say ho, how much for head?

Girl: For you, I sucka free!
by major_delmac April 28, 2005
Sucka free:
The situation concerning when the second and final term of the idiot bush will terminate.
"Hurray, we are finally sucka free from this creep bush!!"
A girl wit no man kuz he didnt give time into the relationship
call yo chica vato

esay i did she said she sucka free

hahaha damn holmes she got u dead
by Big Mexican Vato April 28, 2005
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