1 . When everything starts to SUCK tremendously .

2 . When you hate EVERYTHING .

3 . When shit just BLOWS .

4 . When you BREAK your cellular device .
Why do relationships always start out so great , then end up turning into Suckabagofdicks ?
by Cheyenne&AmyProductions- January 09, 2012
Top Definition
A funny ass Louis CK joke about what a man said to him after he cut him off.
"Hey asshole!"


by SUKK MY JAGON December 01, 2009
Someone who sucks a tote of cocks. Usually including ATLEAST six cocks of which two are limp.
Melanie told Cory and Micky to "Suck a bag of dicks" while attempting to launch a kite at Florida State University.
by Chief Osceola March 18, 2007
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