v. (1) To be left in the dust, as in a race or other competition.

(2) Can also be used in the general sense meaning to suck or to lose.

(3) To remove something's momentum (usually in combination with "out of their sails").

(4) A negative dismissal in the tradition of fuck off or go to hell, but without the obscenity.
(1) That last hill on the cross country course left me sucking wind as I watched everybody pass me.

(2) This traffic sucks wind.

(3) He was going to go straight down into the avalanche zone for the camera, but the ski patrol guy sucked the wind right out of his sails.

(4) Oh yeah? Well, tell them to go suck wind.
by Zen November 17, 2004
Top Definition
In business, to perform very poorly.
The company's revenues are off 20%, profits are down 25%. They are really sucking wind.
by Krace November 16, 2004
1. To breathe hard after exertion or to be unable to catch your breath after an activity.

2. To lose any chance of winning after a certain point.
1. While mountain biking for example: Man, I'm suckin wind after climbing that hill.

2. A: How do you think you'll do in that 5 mile race? B: Crappy - after 3 miles, I'm useless, I just suck wind.
by psygirl November 16, 2004
What one does after exhausting themselves, usually during training for an athletic competition.
If you guys don't start making free throws you're all gonna be sucking wind tomorrow in practice.
by John Madden sucks November 16, 2004
to be out of breath because of running so you are breathing heavily
The running back was sucking wind after his 86 yard touchdown run because he was out of shape.
by John November 16, 2004
The act of forcefully inhaling most likely due to strenous excercise or rigor.
Damn I'm out of shape. I walked one flight of stairs and I'm already sucking wind.
by Dan McCaffrey November 15, 2004
a name that is given to someone that does not know the meaning of it, in effort to make fun of them and piss them off at the same time.
"your such a suck-wind"
"whats a suck-wind"
by matt g October 02, 2004
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