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Short for suck a fart out of my ass! Used in retort to a verbal absurdity or attack.
Sure I'll pick up your dry cleaning just as soon as you suck a fart out of my ass.
by Rontastic July 30, 2006
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When things are going badly, or from bad to worse, you may be considered to be "sucking farts" or "sucking a fart";
generally have a shit time of it;
Man, we're so busy at work, i'm just sucking farts all day;
My team lost the grand final - suck a fart;
by Sally fart sucker August 07, 2008
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Term used briefly in Irish youth culture (between November 2005-March 2006) Used to express similar sentiment to common phrase "Kiss my Ass" while avoiding the cliche of what was a tired expression.
Rarely expressed now in any civilized culture.
Why don't you ever Suck a Fart?
To suck a fart is to live.
Lady Rosalind has retired to her chamber, knowing that would sir care to suck a fart.
by Jodie G. Eastwood March 05, 2012
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