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Short for suck a fart out of my ass! Used in retort to a verbal absurdity or attack.
Sure I'll pick up your dry cleaning just as soon as you suck a fart out of my ass.
by Rontastic July 30, 2006
Yet another of the opposites/sarcasm family of words meaning unimportant, inconsequential or useless. Became popular in the early 90's with the gen x'rs.
Matters about .25 cent hiballs look at the line up to get in! Hey I'm about go a week without smoking! Matters! Call me when you get to a year! Oh man look at that chick she's slammin! Matters dude your so whipped you may as well cut your own nuts off.
by Rontastic July 30, 2006
To attempt to harm or gain power over an adversary by blows or with weapons. To fight.
If you don't give me my beer it's going to be main event time.
by Rontastic July 30, 2006
A fist fight that is actally free and will probably never be aired on television because it's just a couple of drunk losers about to beat eachother up outside the bar on a friday night.
Randy shagged Jeffs girlfriend at the party last night so I'm expecting the pay per view to be sometime this week.
by Rontastic July 30, 2006

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