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The suburbs are a great place to live, despite what some people say.

-Friendly, generally middle class folks
-Better schools
-Safer then any city
-Beautiful houses, that are usually not as expensive as they would be in the city
-So peaceful and quiet that you can hear the birds chirping in the morning
-Great place to raise a family

-Having a car is a must, or else you won't be able to step outside your home
-Can be a little boring at times
-High population of whiney emo kids

All in all, living in Suburbia is awesome and I would never trade it over to live in a shithole that most cities have become, see Toronto If you want affordable housing and a safe environment to raise a family, the suburbs are your answer. So ignore the pieces of shit who constantly bash the 'burbs, their just jealous because they're ghetto shit who live in the inner city.
Toronto kid; ew, you live in the suburbs? You must be a spoiled rich white kid.
Pickering kid (suburb of Toronto) ; I see. Well, you live in Toronto don't you?
Toronto kid; yeah.
Pickering kid; Then you must be an inner city ghetto piece of crap on a stick.
Toronto kid; ...YEAH, WELL, WHATEVER.
Pickering kid; douchebag.
Rural kid; YEE HAW!
Toronto and suburbian kid; wtf?
by Mary annee January 03, 2008
The best place in the world. Perfect for raising a family. Much better than the city. Good quality of life and clean.
I'm glad I grew up in the suburbs.
by yoys January 27, 2009
See also Winter Park.
Winter Park, home of multimillionaires and Carrot Top.
by KRHimself October 24, 2004
Shitholes found across the United States, and also other countries that support such evil entities, particularly in the western world. The suburbs are devoid of all soul, and is comprised of many, though certainly not only, boring people. Most people's justification for moving to the suburbs is that "the schools are better" for their children. Is it really worth an increase in the quality of education to deprive your children of city life, replacing it only with conformity, boredom, and other undesirable qualities?
The suburbs make me fucking sick
by Peter G January 22, 2006
a residential district on the outskirts of a city or town. suburbs are where ricers, wiggers, richies, preps, and dooshes come from.
suburban punk ass bitch wouldnt last 3 seconds in da hood.
by omi_da_homie December 21, 2004
A horribly boring place to live.The suburbs are filled with rich people and their whiny,spoiled kids who think the world revolves around their "pain" and "suffering."
They are typically advertised with promises of happy lives and easy living.This is a lie,the suburbs are filled with just as much sorrow,hate,and murder as any other place.
The suburbs are also filled with identical houses;these and the people in them leave no room for creativity,individuality,good music,good taste,independence.The suburbs kill your happiness.Don't move there,you'll get seriously depressed.
See also hellblandand shit
Person A:Every thing is perfect at the suburbs!(ignores any signs of clinical depression and continues watching soap operas whilst eating chocolate bon-bons.)
by MIRROR April 09, 2007
A boring place......for boring people.

You ever try living in the suburbs? It's like watching flies fuck.
So many kids in the suburbs play video games all day because their boring, paranoid parents won't let them have any fun outside.
by Super Crip April 09, 2009