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A hellhole found just outside a city. Usually an endless row of houses with strip malls found every 2-3 miles making a car a nessecity. Houses are generally larger and newer than in the inner city. A typical suburbanite is a stuck up jack-ass. The high schools and middle schools tend to have high schools social classes (cliques) such as: preps, jocks, punk, emo, loner/solorider, geek/nerd, and burnouts/druggies. Even though cliques exist in inner city schools, they aren't over emphasized because there are better things to do. If yur new to a suburban high school, chances are you'll be ingnore by all girls and most guys. Diversity is not that great in a typical suburb (few exceptions). Most suburbs have annoying people such as wiggers who think they're hard enough to survive in a black ghetto. Druggies are also a common sight. Because there is less than nothing to do, alot of kids start experimenting with drugs and alcohol eventually become addicted. Druggies in the suburbs turn out worse than the crack-heads in the hood. This is because suburban druggies do it for fun (and there parents have alot of money for them to steal) and hoodlums do it for relive stress therefore doing less. Crime rates in the burbs can be just as high as the inner city as they will steal behind your back instead of in your face. Houses in the cities may cost more, but the competiton to have better stuff than the neighbors can cause you to have credit problems. Also that big SUV you just had to get will not be easy on your wallet. Neither will your 30 mile commute in rush-hour traffic. In conclsion, the suburbs are very bad places to live. They contribute little to the economy because they have nothing but houses, a grocery store, a few gas stations, resturaunts you would find anywhere else, and of course, a elementary, middle, and high school.
I advise you stay away from the suburbs.
by 57748896254 November 24, 2006
A hellish place, where the annoyances of culture come to thrive. Monotony or race is only superceded by monotony of architecture and planning. The dwelling place of the white race - which gives birth to several otehr problems. Ignorance, boredom, and depression are all symptoms of living in the suburbs, which explains why moody rock music listened to by suburban white teenagers is so predominant; these teenagers are convinced that they want their lives to be over when in fact they live in extreme comfort, albeit banal comfort, and suffer from the belief that noone else shares in their "pain-" i.e. the pain of being made fun of in school for wearing all black and losing your girlfriend of two weeks. The urban life provides for daily excitements that prevent idiotic social subcultiures to establish that are often established in the suburbs. For example, the culture of "wiggas", predominant in every suburb, are only established because the youth who practice it are not kept in check by the daily realities of urban life, i.e., black people to show these "wiggas" how dumb they are acting. In other words, these people are bored. High school cliques do not exist in inner city schools, where I attended, due to the fact that there are much more important things to worry about living in the city rather than being a "jock", a "prep", a "nerd", or a "skater". In fact, all students were united in this urban community by the fact that our lives were struggles, i.e. having only one parent, another parent in jail, drugs, welfare, violence, etc. It was not lauded and celebrated as the pop culture it has become in the suburbs, where boredom has provided for inner city life to be exalted as a means to escape the suburban monotony.
I'm bored in the suburbs, let's go act like 50 Cent.
by tenda June 05, 2005
The endless sprawl of identikit mass produced housing that surrounds most towns and cities in the western world. Lacking the rural tranquility of the countryside and the spirit, history and community of the inner cities they are designe to enduce a life numbing stupor into it's inhabitents to keep the 'prolls' under control. Also known as concrete deserts, they are the loneliest, most soul destroying and down right dull places on the face of the planet.
Whitchurch (Bristol UK), Enfield (London), Solihull (Birmingham), Cheedle (Manchester) etc etc etc
by black flag June 08, 2004
Shitholes found across the United States, and also other countries that support such evil entities, particularly in the western world. The suburbs are devoid of all soul, and is comprised of many, though certainly not only, boring people. Most people's justification for moving to the suburbs is that "the schools are better" for their children. Is it really worth an increase in the quality of education to deprive your children of city life, replacing it only with conformity, boredom, and other undesirable qualities?
The suburbs make me fucking sick
by Peter G January 22, 2006
A Neighborhood where the entire area is clean or quiet.
Example: My friend lives somewhere in the Suburbs out of town.
by JPichay December 08, 2008
Suburbs are generally located in metropolitan areas and are for strange reasons, considered to be the worst places in the United States. Many people (especially from the Inner City) think of suburbs as places populated by soccer moms and such, when that isn't entirely true. Other people that live in suburbs will think of them as worthless places with houses that look exactly the same. The media also portrays suburbs with houses that look exactly the same, but that isn't true. There are plenty of nice places in the suburbs, and these are all stereotypes given by ignorant people and spoiled brats that continue to explain suburbs as being boring. Saying such about suburbs is equal to saying that rural areas are filled with rednecks or urban areas are filled with ghettos and thugs. Not all suburbs contain the same looking houses or monotonous mcmansions and ranch houses. I personally live in a suburb that has old but large and unique houses that are at a good distance and the neighbors are friendly. Sure there are many faults with suburbs, but there are also many in urban areas.
A Conversation about the Suburbs

Spoiled suburban brat: "Man these suburbs are so boring, there's nothing to do. This is the worst place in the world."

Someone from an urban area after seeing a movie: "How can anyone live in the suburbs, there are soccer moms driving SUV's and houses that look exactly the same."

Moderately Intelligent Person actually from suburbs: "I live in the suburbs and the houses don't look exactly the same. Infact they would be easier to find than a specific apartment. Stop coming up with stereotypes. Also, there is plenty to do if you aren't lazy, just hangout with friends or find a hobby and quit whining you simpleton."
by Jag140 July 14, 2011
a place where the houses are newer than the houses in the inner city. Also it's a less crowded, more spread out and usually predominated by mid to upper income whites
by Anonymous September 05, 2003
A place on the outskirts of the city, this way more people can live in a city. It is often confused with the rich suburbs, such as Beverly Hills, California, and Ladue, Missouri. Many races live here, not just whites.
Bob: Dude, the suburbs suck!
Frank: Meh, depends on which one.
by Thok1599 February 18, 2013