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A hellish place, where the annoyances of culture come to thrive. Monotony or race is only superceded by monotony of architecture and planning. The dwelling place of the white race - which gives birth to several otehr problems. Ignorance, boredom, and depression are all symptoms of living in the suburbs, which explains why moody rock music listened to by suburban white teenagers is so predominant; these teenagers are convinced that they want their lives to be over when in fact they live in extreme comfort, albeit banal comfort, and suffer from the belief that noone else shares in their "pain-" i.e. the pain of being made fun of in school for wearing all black and losing your girlfriend of two weeks. The urban life provides for daily excitements that prevent idiotic social subcultiures to establish that are often established in the suburbs. For example, the culture of "wiggas", predominant in every suburb, are only established because the youth who practice it are not kept in check by the daily realities of urban life, i.e., black people to show these "wiggas" how dumb they are acting. In other words, these people are bored. High school cliques do not exist in inner city schools, where I attended, due to the fact that there are much more important things to worry about living in the city rather than being a "jock", a "prep", a "nerd", or a "skater". In fact, all students were united in this urban community by the fact that our lives were struggles, i.e. having only one parent, another parent in jail, drugs, welfare, violence, etc. It was not lauded and celebrated as the pop culture it has become in the suburbs, where boredom has provided for inner city life to be exalted as a means to escape the suburban monotony.
I'm bored in the suburbs, let's go act like 50 Cent.
by tenda June 05, 2005
A white boy from the suburbs who attempts to act black. They should actually be more feared than actual inner city youth, because they will try to prove that they are not from the suburbs, and try (especially in the company of blacks, or especially in the Caucasian posses) to show that they are indeed hard, and will go to extremes to prove this.
John and Patrick were walking to the grocery store in sunny, suburban New Jersey when they saw a group of wiggers. The wiggers saw an African American thug from Newark, and tried to impress him, attacking and flailing on John, even though John was a bodybuilder and repressed them entirely.
by tenda May 29, 2005
Please See: Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris is the bad ass.
by Tenda June 02, 2006
iverson: (I-ver-suhn). 1. Verb. To pistol whip your wife while is unclothed, and throw her from the household in her naked state.
2. Iverson (Form) Noun. One who is relatively small but performs much more efficiently than those who are larger.
Even though Todd's wife was eight inches taller and forty-eight pounds heavier than him, he was a total Iverson and iversoned her.
by tenda May 29, 2005

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