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British word for a cancer stick
Bob-would you like a fag?
Me-JEE thanks bob id love a fag
by maggot June 17, 2004
A person (generally a law enforcement officer) who has an affinity for firearms and other assorted personal weapons and takes great pleasure in the deployment of same.

(From the Police Academy movie series)
He's a tackleberry. His off-duty gun is a Desert Eagle 50 caliber.
by Maggot January 09, 2004
flushing lavatory, invented by Sir Thomas Crapper (although the term 'crapper' meaning 'somewhere to shit' was in use for hundreds of years previously)
i gotta go see sir thomas
by maggot February 24, 2005
it looks like a rats nest
"tell your barber your sick of looking like an asshole"-wesley willis
by maggot June 17, 2004
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