What saved me from that emo music,Green Day,etc

The original singer,Bradley Nowell,died May 25,1996 of a heroin overdose.

In 2009,Sublime returned with lead singer,Rome Ramirez,a 20-yr-old musician who sound almost exactly like Bradley.
After several legal suits,they changed their name to Sublime with Rome.

It is now Rome Ramirez,Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh.

As of 2010,SwR is working on a new tour and an album.
Sublime with Rome:2009-present

The best is coming back
by SublimeXnTertaynin' February 28, 2010
Sublime is a band within so many genres of music that you can't even describe it. Bradley James Nowell, "brad," died of a heroin overdose in his hotel room hours after a concert on may 25, 1996. His dog, Lou Dog, died a year later. Sublime was and is and always will be one of those bands that you can relate to no matter what mood you're in. I know so much about bradley it's pathetic. RIP brad.
You: i feel angry.
You: I feel laid back.
You: I feel rebellious.
You: I feel like smoking pot

I hope you get the picture.
by gaborama March 02, 2008
A band that no matter what kind of music you listen to, whether it's rap, emo, or some other stupid shit, you just can't not like them. One of the greatest bands of all times that makes me proud that I grew up in the 90's before everything turned to shit.
Sublime is elite.
by mdmassey February 02, 2011
Best band possibly ever known to man kind that formed in california. Bradley Nowell ( Lead singer) a lyrical beast, unfortunatly died of a heroine overdose May of 1996.

Whoever doesn't like this band is semi- messed up in the head. This band is what makes me in a great mood.
" Lovin' is what i got, don't start a riot, you'll feel it when the dance get's hot. Because lovin' is what i got"
" Let's go jam to sublime"
" Why dude?"
" Because they are great !"
*start jammin' to sublime*
"You're right brother man! they are one of the greatest bands ever!"
by Victoria G.(: May 28, 2009
A person sitting under a lime.
(person has lime on head) "Look at Michael, he's pretty sublime."
by taylorguitartim November 12, 2007
delicious combination of whiskey and orange juice mixed so gently together to create an orgasm in the mouth.
Nothing is better than strolling down the streets of San Clemente listening to Bradley Nowell or Anthony Kiedis and indulging in the sweet greatness of whiskey and orange juice aka "Sublime"
by bryliray July 07, 2012
best band ever.
anyone who doesn't like them is either brain dead or deaf.
and anyone that likes sublime with rome more than sublime is obviously a new listener and should be shunned.
"Bro I found a new band! Sublime!"
"Dude. Gtfo of here."
by pineapples all day er' day November 07, 2011

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