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A LEGEND. one of the most infulential and controversial artists ever. the best selling reggae artist of all time and a revolutionary. most wellknown for no woman no cry and i shot the sherrif among others. marley is like god to many followers. he is truely amazing and everyone should know about him.
bob marley is $%&*ing amazing
by goodfuckinmusicman December 07, 2005
A FUCKING AMAZING band of the 90's.. lead singer brad nowell (died in 97). laid back and sang about real life shit. the most layed back feel good music ever.
if u dont like sublime ur crazy
by goodfuckinmusicman December 07, 2005
god... ithere aren't any other needed words but it has to be 20 letter so.. yeha he is god
bob marley is my idol and the coolest man ever alive
by goodfuckinmusicman December 07, 2005
A emo/rock punk band from orem utah. known for having very dramatic shows including throing up on stage due to so much yelling. Lead singer Bert McCrackin. Cd's include Maybe Memories, The Used, and In Love And Death. They have been growing in popularity over the last few years. Related bands are My chemical romance, underoath, mewithoutyou.
The Used is an amazing band, listen to them.
by goodfuckinmusicman December 07, 2005
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