A great band that mixed reggae, punk , and ska to make some pretty bangin music. They had some kick ass songs like "40 Oz to freedom" "smoke two joints" "Greatest hits" and "What I got". They also got together with a lot of great bands to make singles like "We're Only Gonna Die" with Bad religion and "I wanna riot" with Rancid. Unfortuantly their lead singer Bud died of a herion overdose.
Sublime definitly rules!!!!
by Coopdidoop February 19, 2007
Noble, grand majestic.
Queen Elizabeth could be characterized as sublime.
by Colby February 20, 2004
to be changed into a gas directly from the solid state
Things that sublime:Carbon dioxide, Zinc, Cadmium, and Iodine
by pallidus83 March 27, 2007
...too bad their singer died
dont do drugs, smoke weed
by you drink pp March 27, 2003
the moment of absolute fear and absolute pleasure; numinous.
Gothic novels like "The Mysteries of Udolpho" and "The Castle of Otranto" provide excellent examples of the sublime in Gothic literature.
by Serina March 26, 2005
No, dumbasses. Sublime is to move from a solid state to a gaseous state without passing through the liquid state.
Dry ice sublimes into carbon dioxide, without ever smoking two joints.
by nut February 01, 2005

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