1. A shoe in a bin
2. A guy in love with a girl with scabby knees
e.g ewww.. subin loves scabby knees
by kelbob October 30, 2004
Top Definition
1. an exotic beautiful girl who is very attractive.
2. a popular child of mixed blood, especiallly a Eurasian.
3. NY fusion style in vogue currently.
ex1) I think Carly is a best subin in our class.
ex2) This room is so creative and subinish.
by snowbliss February 24, 2008
chomo. Basically, old enough to eat a happy meal... old enough to be one.
hey i saw a subin the other day.
Today the news report said they saw a subin raping a child.
by chomolove August 15, 2011
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