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A group of beautiful people created from the exotic mix of European and Asian blood. Possesses the cuteness of Asians and the hotness of Europeans which makes them generally gorgeous and/or hot.
I wanna marry a Eurasian.
by E> February 05, 2011
The offspring of a caucasian parent and an asian parent. Eurasian's tend to carry physical traits of both their ethnic backgrounds, like olive skin with asian eyes, but with chestnut hair and green irises.
Maggie Q, Devon Aoki, Dennis Joseph O'Neil, and Sean Lennon all are eurasians
by camála April 12, 2011
An European Asian, normally chill, all around cool kid.
Did you know that Emma is an Eurasian?

Hells yea i did, she's flipping amazing. Not only is she Asian, she has a wicked cool accent.
by an eurasion June 23, 2011
Anyone who is of asian and european blood (such as japanese and french)

the most attractive of the mixed/interracial girls
examples of such girls are

-Leah Dizon (a huge hit in Japan)
-Kristin Kreuk (Lana from smallville)
-Misa Campo (Import Model)
-Maggie Q
Eurasians are awesome!
by elite777 July 20, 2009
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