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1. Not using your brain. Just using your mouth.

2. Just plain DUMB

3. Another word for Retarded
Carla: Hi Layla ! What did you grade was your grade for tha exam ?
Layla: I got a B. Oh, What did you Get ?
Carla: I got a F because who knew that "photosynthesis" had to do with pictures ?
Layla: uhh, EVERYONE! Gosh Carla, your so STUPID!
by lolala December 09, 2007
Anybody who thinks the viola is worth anything.
A stupid person would say this:

5. Viola

A beautiful instrument with a sexy tone and is way better than the whiney violin.

That viola is so sexy
by thinkreddie April 27, 2007
to go stupid is similiar to going hyphy
in the bay we gettin hyphy, stupid dumb and hyphy
by gina123 June 13, 2006
What a vast majority of people, particularly those on UrbanDictionary, are becoming.
<Random smart person> You're stupid!
<Random stupid person> whuts stupid
<Random smart person> *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*
by gs68 June 19, 2005
n. someone is who is stupid, also used as a name. for all of u who doubt stupid is a noun...
hey Stupid.
by anonymous Loser May 08, 2003
anyone who has to look up this word for meaning
I'm stupid?
by lol_lmao_lmfaos July 10, 2008
A funny person. Being stupid on purpose.
My girl isnt cheating on me with another nigga... its the same nigga.
you stupid
by Toronto Raptors January 27, 2008