a word to describe an idiot. but if you listen carefully, some girls say stupid like "estupe" which is really annoying!!!!!

prounounced: es-too-pe
Guy: You`re so flat!

Girl: You estupe boy, shut up!

Guy: Don`t you mean stupid, bimbo?
by i like dinosaurs June 02, 2007
An act done by a person that lacked intelligence.

An adjective used to describe the person in the situation above.
If OJ was innocent, it was stupid of him to run from the police, naked in the back of a bronco with a gun to his own head while his friend drove.

"Stupid is as Stupid does"
by The Lone Latino May 07, 2006
a bay area originated thing. hangin out of sunroofs, dancin on da hood, shakin yo dreds, thizzin, popin pills, etc.
in da werds of mac dre "get stupid"
by D0P3B0YFR3$H February 20, 2006
1)Not clever
2)Acting in an immature way
3)Doing something that was a bad idea
4)This website
1)"I only got 4% in the maths test, I'm so stupid"

2)"Amy was running up and down in a chicken costme, she's stupid"

3)"Bob brought drugs to school"
"That was stupid"

4)I do not mind people having their own opinions, but this site is stupid. People come on this site just to insult others an others' opinions which just pisses other people off. This was an Ok idea fora website, but the people who insist on insutlting others have jst ruined it.
by the person always December 15, 2004
Incapable to understand or simple.
You are too stupid to carry out your mission.
by Tom Anderson December 29, 2003
1. Not using your brain. Just using your mouth.

2. Just plain DUMB

3. Another word for Retarded
Carla: Hi Layla ! What did you grade was your grade for tha exam ?
Layla: I got a B. Oh, What did you Get ?
Carla: I got a F because who knew that "photosynthesis" had to do with pictures ?
Layla: uhh, EVERYONE! Gosh Carla, your so STUPID!
by lolala December 09, 2007
Anybody who thinks the viola is worth anything.
A stupid person would say this:

5. Viola

A beautiful instrument with a sexy tone and is way better than the whiney violin.

That viola is so sexy
by thinkreddie April 27, 2007
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