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Wow, you must have a whole lot of time on your hands to be looking this definition up.But then again...I'm writing it...HA
Are you stupid or am I? Or maybe both of us....
by Starlight February 25, 2005
A person who does not appeal to their physical and/or psychological needs.
"I'm hungry, but Idont want to eat right now."

"I'm really tired but I dont think I want to go to bed at this moment."
by Tyrone March 07, 2004
Apparently it was a dance for hyphy people in the bay area.
Hey we're in the bay area lets get stupid.
by Bob the builder. March 12, 2008
..................is as it does................
Stupid is as stupid does.
by apock November 22, 2007
a word to describe an idiot. but if you listen carefully, some girls say stupid like "estupe" which is really annoying!!!!!

prounounced: es-too-pe
Guy: You`re so flat!

Girl: You estupe boy, shut up!

Guy: Don`t you mean stupid, bimbo?
by i like dinosaurs June 02, 2007
1)Not clever
2)Acting in an immature way
3)Doing something that was a bad idea
4)This website
1)"I only got 4% in the maths test, I'm so stupid"

2)"Amy was running up and down in a chicken costme, she's stupid"

3)"Bob brought drugs to school"
"That was stupid"

4)I do not mind people having their own opinions, but this site is stupid. People come on this site just to insult others an others' opinions which just pisses other people off. This was an Ok idea fora website, but the people who insist on insutlting others have jst ruined it.
by the person always December 15, 2004
Incapable to understand or simple.
You are too stupid to carry out your mission.
by Tom Anderson December 29, 2003