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1. Not using your brain. Just using your mouth.

2. Just plain DUMB

3. Another word for Retarded
Carla: Hi Layla ! What did you grade was your grade for tha exam ?
Layla: I got a B. Oh, What did you Get ?
Carla: I got a F because who knew that "photosynthesis" had to do with pictures ?
Layla: uhh, EVERYONE! Gosh Carla, your so STUPID!
by lolala December 09, 2007
another word for COOL. Everyone wants to hang out with you because your Cool and Want to be noticed. A stud can mean being popular, cute, and HOT. but thats NOT all, a stud can be Very Talented at something like for ex: break dancing , tagging/graffing, ect...
Lynn: OMG your so COOL
James: no, i'm Not. You ARE
Lynn: No. its because i'm not a STUD like you. you STUD!
James: uhh...noo Lynn, i'm not a STUD because your WAY cooler than ME.

bubu: did you see ?
babu: see what ?
bubu: see that stud !
babu: what stud ?!
bubu: that BREAKER/TAGGER. he's soooo HOT. Hotter than my boooyfriend oh shoot. don't tell my boyfriend that please!
babu: haha, okay .
bubu: thanks!
babu: you're welcome, but i gotta say, ahh he's quite HOTT too ! heheeh
by lolala December 09, 2007

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