A very insane and retarded person. Namely, you.
You are stupid. Yes. You are. Look in the dictionary under 'stupid', you'll find your name and picture.
by GoldenDreams September 08, 2006
Somone who is very dumb in the brain. Has no focus at all. One who watches tv all day and bugs his cousin while he is sleeping. ... also known as Hanool.
Kid : man that kid just pulled a Hanool move
Dad : yeah how stupid
by Hansol August 16, 2006
me and my friends would define stupid as someone who is trashed or stoned because this one kid use to say "stupid" all the time so when we say it it is making fun of him at the same time making it even funnier
After smoking all day Jake says "I am real stupid"
by C-Boy October 25, 2005
to do something that shows a severe and crucial lack of common sense, like vote democrat
"Michael putting fireworks in the port-a-potty is stupid"
by armybassdude October 12, 2005
Wack, Crazy, Off the hook!
Omarian said that the scream tour is gon be stupid...?
by Jony B June 09, 2005
Wow, you must have a whole lot of time on your hands to be looking this definition up.But then again...I'm writing it...HA
Are you stupid or am I? Or maybe both of us....
by Starlight February 25, 2005
Being highly intoxicated and/or acting wild and uninhibited.
We went to Cancun for spring break and just got STUPID.
by jeff March 21, 2004

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