my ex girlfriend (Jayme)
My ex girlfriend (jayme) is a stupid hoe cause she thinks the beaches in Jamaica are way above sea level and the waves actually flow out toward the ocean due to that Jamaica being close to the equator. She also thinks dinosaurs never existed and its a huge conspiracy by scientists(the devil) to disprove the bible because the bible never mentions dinosaurs.

by rocky41584 October 12, 2006
One Who Genuinely Believes that they are capable of standing infront of cameras broadcasting to billions around the world and delivering a perfect speech consisting of 1000 words or more
If Bobby were to say "President Bush is stupid, look what he said during his last speech!"
Bobby should then be considered stupid because he has stated that he is capable of standing and delivering a perfect speech that will be broadcasted live to billions of people, whe obvioulsy he has not had the chance to do so, fortunately.
by Inrageous May 23, 2006
Something thats really cool, really fun, or really happening.
Yo, Sanford and Son was like the stupidest shit on TV yo!
by Ty February 20, 2005
The perfect description of any modern day city nigger.
The stupid nigger cannot read, because he is a nigger therefore, by default, illiterate.
by AllYourBaseRBelong2Us April 27, 2009
1. an exclamation conveying anger at a person who just did that thing that made you angry, usually said by pussies who are afraid of cussing.

2. sometimes used to describe a jerk
Guy 1: (takes your bag and throws it in the trash)
Guy 2: Aw, stupid!

Kid 1: My girlfriend just cheated on me.
Kid 2: She's so goddamn stupid.
Kid 3: What a jerk.
by Jae K. May 17, 2008
Stupid means lacking in intelligence or someone exhibiting stupidity.
Stupid may also refer to:
Stupid (band), a punk rock band from Brooklyn
Stupid (art movement), a group of artists in Cologne in the 1920s, a web site
"Stupid" (song), the second single from Raven-Symoné's self-titled album
Stupid!, a UK children's television show on CBBC
You are the most stupid person because you ate soap!
by <<@$h!zzL@ta>> April 23, 2008
Something considered hot or cold

An exciting or intense event.
Dang boy, that jacket is mad stupid, I wish I had it.

Did you see Devon Hester's kick return for a touchdown? That was stupid!
by A Kong August 25, 2007
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