1. an exclamation conveying anger at a person who just did that thing that made you angry, usually said by pussies who are afraid of cussing.

2. sometimes used to describe a jerk
Guy 1: (takes your bag and throws it in the trash)
Guy 2: Aw, stupid!

Kid 1: My girlfriend just cheated on me.
Kid 2: She's so goddamn stupid.
Kid 3: What a jerk.
by Jae K. May 17, 2008
Stupid means lacking in intelligence or someone exhibiting stupidity.
Stupid may also refer to:
Stupid (band), a punk rock band from Brooklyn
Stupid (art movement), a group of artists in Cologne in the 1920s
Stupid.com, a web site
"Stupid" (song), the second single from Raven-Symoné's self-titled album
Stupid!, a UK children's television show on CBBC
You are the most stupid person because you ate soap!
by <<@$h!zzL@ta>> April 23, 2008
George W. Bush duh he de de de
Bush: "shiney buton"

"self destruct in 10. 9..."
Bush: "weeeeeeeeeeeeee. me stupid"
by back off October 10, 2007
People who call other people stupid are the real stupid(s) of this world.
example:(definition number one)stupid
by Bulika December 05, 2006
a prefix to a noun. describing severity, usually used when something is in excess.
i was stupid drunk, that whip is stupid tight, ect
by sabol July 17, 2006
N. An inacurate term used to describe the unintellectualinessof one's mind ;dumb.

adj. A descriptive personality inquiring and enumerating the underintelligents of oneselves.

An act or goal to achieve dumbness,deprive from Pig latin.
Guy 1: You are stOOpid
Guy 2: My intellectual quitiant is 2.5 times higher than yours.

Guy 4.5: What a damn **ggot(note: Childrens 12 and under its maggot)He is so stupid. But IM stupiderr.

Lets go stupid!
by sss3d January 30, 2004
1. Someone who is completely clueless and pathetic. This would be the perfect way to describe those guys in cartoons that go around salivating and saying, "duuuuuuhhhhhhh..."

2. Someone who isn't intelligent, like people who flunk school in grade one.

3. Something that is pointless and lame, like school, for instance.
1. "Look at that guy who keeps tripping over his own feet. He's SO STUPID!"

2. "I heard that Myrtle flunked out of grade one! That's why she's always unemployed; she's really stupid."

3. Uggghhh... School starts in a week. School is SO STUPID!
by blogger_08 January 17, 2006

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