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Stupid and ugly at the same time.
God, that guy is stugly!
by Jurobei May 27, 2007
8 1
Someone that is stupid and ugly.
Friend 1: Man that dumbass girl in our class is ugly.
Friend 2: Damn...shes stupid...shes ugly...well shit shes Stugly.
by Neel Vora May 16, 2006
3 1
like fugly, stugly is a concatination of the words stupid and ugly
"Ted is one stugly fool!"
by mootastic February 25, 2005
4 2
stinky and ugly at the same time
We walked into Hayley's room and saw the ugly and then smelled the stugly.
by StuglyMonster2 March 25, 2009
0 0