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A cult that dosn't end with suicide.
Hey Timothy, wanna join my new cul-I mean religion?
by Treg August 27, 2003
To keep something very secret; not tell another person
Alright, I'll tell you but keep it on the down low...
by Treg November 01, 2003
The best super-heroes ever. Consisting of three cats who love pizza, live in Japan and are samurai's.
Who do you call when you want some pepperoni? SAMURAI PIZZA CATS!
by Treg August 01, 2003
An extra man, Extar life, something Mario needs alot of.
Dude, if you jump over that piranah plant, over the lava, onto the turtle, bounce off that, land on that tunnel and press 'down' you go in a secret level, there's a one up.
by Treg September 22, 2003
An overused high-school sports team name.
Let's call our team the 'Wolverines'!!!
by Treg November 16, 2003
A great movie where Ernest finally gets LIGHTNING POWERS
I likeed 'Ernest Goes To Jail'
by Treg April 19, 2005
To be more Radical
I'm way radder than you're sorry ass, chump.
by Treg July 31, 2003

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