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A prostitute, pro ho, whore, nasty girl who goes on the ho stroll, the street used to collect her tricks and have nasty illegal sex with.
La'Toya is a nasty whore stroller bitch and she needs to stop scamming on ur man!
by Carmina> April 15, 2007
an internet troll who is also a stalker, following people's usernames and harassing them wherever they post a comment \ vb. stroll
To get rid of some nasty little stroller, she cancelled her account and opened a new one with a different username.
by elsquid July 28, 2010
What you need to buy if you forget to wear a condom.
Fuck man, i should have bought a 50 cent condom, now i have to shell out $100 for a stroller
by brain brain December 04, 2009