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6 definitions by Carmina>

What stank people use instead of perfume.
Marc: Mmmm I love your perfume - Dior?

Jennifer: No, Melon Burst!

I love Febreze.
by Carmina> April 29, 2007
76 13
The most eastern area in San Diego, bordered by Mid-City to the west and La Mesa to the east. Besides Southeast, it is the most dangerous area in San Diego. It is actually very pleasant to visit, there are mostly crumbling beauty salons, Asian markets and laundry, and little Mexican taco shops (Aiberto's and Filiberto's, mainly). There are two high schools in City Heights, Crawford High Educational Complex and Hoover High. Hoover High is one of the worst high schools in San Diego. Crawford has been recently renovated. The majority of City Heights is very diverse, mostly Mexican, Asian, and African American, but at the schools in City Heights you will see almost everything you could imagine on the ethnicity chart. The area recently got an urban village, community center, and Metro Center. Houses are very beautiful and well-looked after, but you will notice bars on windows and doors, and lots of tagging. The people living there are very friendly.
We're gonna go to City Heights, chill at the park on Orange Ave, go to Aiberto's and get some rolled tacos, get our hair done at Hair Raising Experiences on University, and ride our chill bikes through da streets!
by Carmina> April 29, 2007
58 8
A prostitute, pro ho, whore, nasty girl who goes on the ho stroll, the street used to collect her tricks and have nasty illegal sex with.
La'Toya is a nasty whore stroller bitch and she needs to stop scamming on ur man!
by Carmina> April 15, 2007
42 9
David Hasselhoff's 12-yr-old daughter who filmed him when he was so shitfaced it wasn't even funny!
i give props to rebecca hasselhoff for successfully hasselhoffing her dad on youtube.
by Carmina> May 24, 2007
7 3
A type of lawyer in England, other than a solicitor. Barristers don't actually speak in court, they just write. Solicitors speak.
My dad is straight barrister homes
by Carmina> April 29, 2007
26 55
Take the 5 south almost all the way and you'll end up in National City. This place is boring as fuck! If you live there it's ok cuz you have friends and everything. Drive by and you'll see all the walls are blotched different colors from painting over tags. The only stores are car dealerships, donut shops, 99 cent stores, and pawn shops. Since it has the same street names as Barrio Logan it's fricken confusing when you use a map. The only reason to go here is if you are visiting someone or you want to buy a used car.
National City is ok I guess, but Chula Vista is better.
by Carmina> April 30, 2007
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