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do you know what i mean, understand, relate with me?
Frank: Why did you do that
Tommy: Cause she was ugly and nasty, nahmean?
by D5 January 29, 2003
an individual, usually female who is mixed with black and asian...
by D5 January 29, 2003
refers to what a badass motherfucker will do to you
I'mna rip him a new asshole
by d5 April 12, 2000
used when talking about something that hurts, humiliating or sucks.
Guy 1: Her dad came in while we were doin it.

Guy 2: stings.

by D5 January 29, 2003
phrase used when someone does a stupid,idiotic or retarded action...
Used when someone does something stupid.

Bob : I got her pregnant last nite.
Frank : Kill your dumb...
by D5 January 29, 2003
substitute for shit
Shite! i forgot to tell him.
by D5 January 29, 2003
intercourse, have sex,
D: me and that girl went home and stroked
by D5 January 29, 2003

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