a down ass nigga from da streets of compton that is a gangsta ass mofucka taht cant be stopped by no bitch ass niggaz or da po po.
yo dat street nigga be a str8 up nigga!
by Ron Mole Sack January 02, 2005
Top Definition
A street nigga is a nigga who is really from the streets. Typically a young nigga who done sold dope on a minor or major level. The life of a real street nigga is often personified in rap songs. A street nigga is typically a gangsta ass nigga too. A street nigga will be up on all the latest drug slang and what be going down in the hood. Real street niggas typically smoke weed , pop beans and serve dem junkies.
Lil Boosie is a real street nigga. Gucci mane is a street nigga. Yung Jeezy is a street nigga but just a lil more commercial. A
by real street nigga December 14, 2009
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