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TLO is an short for The Little One, A professional athlete in the EA Sports PRO scene of the widely known and popular game "Starcraft 2" Produced by Blizzard Entertainment.
Did you hear? TLO got disqualified in the open bracket at MLG!
by TLOfan August 30, 2011
Tactical - Log Off

Logging off on Facebook or msn when someone poses a question to you that you can't bare to answer.

Usually occurs when male teens ask out a girl over Facebook, said girl is usually too shocked to answer and then logs off.
Insert {Girl's Friend} - Ah how did your chat with Jeremy go?

Girl - He asked me out on Facebook

{Girl's Friend} - What did you say?

Girl - I T-LO'd him because I need to prolong the chase
by ctyler1012 July 30, 2011
The Lord Our Savior

TLOS use is informal, similar to POTUS (President of the United States).

Emphasizes singularity and personification of something that is actually plural and abstract due to vastly different views and beliefs.
It was easier for TLOS to let the raiders lose that to gift Tim Tebow another win to make the playoffs.
by Nastydiaper1 January 01, 2012
n. ACRONYM for the phrase "Total Lesbian Orgasm"
I had a TLO with my girlfriend last night!
by fisheh August 22, 2006
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