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Someone who you generally don't want to see naked who feels compelled to remove their clothing and run around in their nakedness.

The occasional 'streaker' is easy on the eye, however they tend to be streaking for a different motive; generally, due to a lost bet.
Hey, did you see that streaker? I guess they lost their bet on the Super Bowl.
by jevim February 04, 2004
A streaker is a bit like a flasher, but instead of just baring their shame for the world to see, a streaker feels the need to run around completely nude. This generally happens at large gatherings, such as sporting events.
James: "Did you see that streaker in the second half?"
John: "Yes, I particularly liked her norks."
by Iain February 08, 2004
One who chooses to run around in the nude. Some find it disturbing. Some find it hilarious.
Person 1: I think streakers are hella-funny!
Person 2: I think you are a pervert.
by Sydney January 14, 2005
Someone who likes to run around on a sporting pitch (preferably in front of a HUGE crowd) in the nude. Very popular in Australia.

Most often seen being chased by seecurity. Usually always televised games.
Did you see that streaker at the (tennis/cricket/football) game?
by Sunny February 04, 2004
A person who is running around naked.
Did you see the streaker last night? He ran naked through the Quad!
by Kati J February 07, 2004
To run through a public area naked, nude, in the buff, etc.
I used to be a streaker.
by gokuh_88 January 10, 2003
Some one who runs naked across a sporting field during a sportevent. (also used for someone who runs around naked in public)
If it weren't for the streakers the soccergame was really boring.
by the crow February 05, 2004
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