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short for "stratocaster," a type of guitar made by fender. a quite popular model
Hey, that is one mean-sounding strat!
by dsotmrw January 19, 2004
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Strats is an Abbreviation of the word strategies. It is commonly used in reference to RTS's. This word is used by Pro Gamers and want-a-bees.
You haven't got the strats to beat me.
by Luke Carroll March 22, 2005
certainly not the most flashy, but the most well regognized and classic guitar there is.
hey, were gonna go play at that kikin night club. bring your strat
by iggy biggy April 05, 2009
An object that is new, fresh, or cool. Something expensive and sort after by many.
That BMW is so strat.
by Patrick83 March 28, 2010
To strat: Root word "Strategize" , the act of bringing close freinds together for the consumption, enjoyment, and act of consuming illicit drugs and or alcohol.
Jamal and Ted were pumped for tonight's strat, they had some 40's and a 1/8 to share with the bros.
by Macdaddy57 November 26, 2012
Srategies used by pro gamers to own noobs. Usually associated with rts games (real time strategy).
I used my uber strats to pwn this noob
by Soccrmastr October 13, 2005
Strats are the stratagies Pro Gamers use to pwn noobs
My strats will pwn you
by Luke Carroll March 21, 2005
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