a guy who betrays his friends;
a guy that gets into other people's lives;
a guy that ruins friendly relationships between people;
Jim, you're being such a strat; flirting with all my friends in front of me is just wrong.
#betray #flirt #jerk #mean #two-faced #stratford
by thecrazyjoker October 23, 2010
Short for Strategic, someone displaying strategic moves usualy in an rts.
Man he pnwed that kid, not only did he have micro but he had his strat down too.
by theHOG March 14, 2005
Short for Stratholme, the PreBC World of Warcraft instance, that has been abandoned because of its noob loot.
Nooblet: LFG STRAT!!!!!111!!one
1337Dude: haha noob, noone runs strat anymore!
#strat #stratholme #start #srtat #strwaresfd
by Firen November 22, 2007
short for your shitty dodge stratus.. giving nick name makes it seem that musc less shitty...
" Let's go to Ihop."
" okay we'll take the strat."
#stratus #stratt #cars #dodge #stratocaster
by cosmic_charlie January 29, 2008
quite good guitar. known because alot of ppl say they make the perfect sound. i perswonally dont like them that much, give me an lp any day!
see tele.......... feck aff
by lewis July 21, 2004
The best guitar in the world!! (Strat is short for Stratocaster)Invented by leo fender and was the first electric guitar made(with the fender telecaster which i personally think are gay). All the greatest guitar players started on or became famous on this guitar. Ones made in the 60s are really expensive and valuable.
I rocked out at the party the other day on my strat!
by nickdawg940 May 14, 2005
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